Cogit - CaseStudy Tool
About Cogit CaseStudy

About Cogit CaseStudy

Case Study: A method for learning about a complex instance, based on a comprehensive understanding and obtained by extensive description and analysis, taken as a whole and in its context.
(BJA: Center for Program Evaluation)

Cogit CaseStudy is a web based didactical tool that allows teachers to efficiently manage case study assignments with their students.

Case studies are complex tasks, and it is in general impossible to automatically evaluate solutions that are given by students. Therefore, teachers have to review all answers individually to give adequate feedback. This is a tedious and time consuming task, especially for large classes.

The solution suggested here considerably reduces the teachers work by imposing a defined workflow.

  1. Task and Solution: A task is assigned to a student, and the student writes down a solution.
  2. Sample solution: The system then automatically reveals a sample solution provided by the teacher.
  3. Self-reflection: The student autonomously compares the sample solution with his/her own solution and writes down a self-evaluation.
  4. Evaluation: The teacher reviews the student's solution and self-evaluation and writes a final evaluation.
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Main Author of the Cogit Case Study Tool is Rolf Brugger. The first versions were implemented in the context of the Swiss Virtual Campus project. Now, I privately maintain and develop the project.

The didactial concept has been developed by Arnold Wyrsch and Peter Fritsche of the FE-Transfer project The Cogit Case Study tool is a re-implementation of what Arnold and Peter are calling a learning dialog (Lerndialog).


  • Sven Jenzer: css Stylesheet
  • Andreas Röllinghoff: Testing, Consulting